• 1: i'd bang you against a wall
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"if you could have any super hero’s powers who would you choose?"

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Its awesome when an expensive bottle of aftershave conveniently sprouts legs and walks off from the side in my bedroom and never returns. Whats better is that im going to have to pay to replace it because my brothers are a pair of lying cunts :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Knowing i’ll be having maccies breakfast in the morning makes the blow of getting up early for work a little bit softer 

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Quick shot of me with my brothers and my mum from Friday 

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Emily is just perfect 

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Pugception [marksingletree]

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Had such a nice day.

Got the chance to play Rob and Laura down the isle at their wedding today. I never really appreciate family time and being around family until im actually in the moment, and being there sharing everyones positivity and laughter has just been amazing. Truly thankful to have such a close loving family to share days like today with. 

Now time for a nice glass of rum and a big ol’ joint to send me on my way 

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Tired is what i currently am. Fairly big day tomorrow, wish me luck 

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